IDEAL 6550-95EP Guillotine

IDEAL 6550-95EP Guillotine

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IDEAL 6550-95EP Programmable Electric Guillotine The IDEAL 6550-95 is a programmable guillotine with power back gauge, self-diagnosis problem finding system and other functions to keep the guillotine operating to its maximum productivity levels. Operators will pick up the controls quickly while IDEAL Cutting System ensures that risks of accidents are eliminated. There is precise control over cutting position while the large cutting length copes with a wide range of product and paper formats Information -Business Owner The IDEAL 6550-95 is a robust workhorse guillotine that has fully programmable controls and operator benefits for ease of use and good throughput levels with a handy 650mm cutting length. Repeat jobs can be stored in a memory key, each with the 99 steps available to each job programme. A self diagnosis system will display errors on the control pad to make fault finding easy. Information – Operator Programmable system to set up any job makes for ease of use, with settings accurate to 0.1mm. The electronic back gauge adjustment on the IDEAL 6550-95EP Guillotine provides precise control to ensure that the cut is lined up with trim marks. An LED lamp provides a cutting line to assist this process. The clamp is guided on both sides for even pressure. An EJECT function pushes the paper out from the rear. Side lays at front and rear help with positioning the smallest of stacks.


Cutting length650mm .
Memory keyRepeat jobs can be stored, each with the 99 steps available to each job programme.