Citoborma 490 Paper Drill

Citoborma 490 Paper Drill

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Nagel Citoborma paper drills have long been the industry standard. These German made machines are world renowned for their quality built, reliability and ease of use. Citoborma drills have been building up their excellent reputation starting back in 1938. They offer the right solution for every drilling application (paper, cardboard, plastic, textiles, leather). For highly specialized needs we will be glad to offer an individually customized solution. The Citoborma 490 is a production machine designed for fixed use. It is with up to 6 drilling heads. It features a torsion free machine base, manufactured from heavy metal profiles, which guarantees the highest precision for drilling. Massive steel profiles ground to the highest precision guide the drill heads and table free of play. The model 490 takes up to six drill heads. This allows to finish most applications with only one stroke. The Citoborma 490 is a robust drill to handle all of the daily in and out applications cost effectively. Its standard features make it an astonishingly flexible machine.


Technical specificationsDrill bit length adjustment within seconds, Fixing of the heads position with a single screw, Quick drill bit replacement, Solid standard heads made from cast iron, Special drill heads are all milled from a solid block of aluminium, All spindles are equipped with thrust bearings
Paper width max460 mm and 270 mm throat depth for oversized paper formats
Drill diametersfrom 2 – 35 mm
Pile height ma60 mm
Standard featuresTwo speed drilling, Double stroke speed while moving the heads up for minimum drill bit wear, Hand wheel operated back stop with millimetre scale for quick setup (guided by a twin spindle), Table lift adjustment via hand wheel, Programme stops to do any hole pattern (stop bars are interchangeable by a quick release), Two-hand-release, Receding safety covers for efficient production, Undervoltage protection for maximum safety, Easily movable with a low lift platform truck, Integrated tool cabinet