Citoborma 111 Electric Paper Drill

Citoborma 111 Electric Paper Drill

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With the Citoborma 111 electric hole punch, Nagel has created a compact tool for a flawless perforation of thick paper pads. The Citoborma 111 is frequently used by banks, in-house print shops, copy shops, notaries, public and tax accountants, i.e. anywhere that large quantities of stacked paper must be punched. The electric punch stands out by its high-quality workmanship and user-friendly functions. Paper pads of up to 5 cm thickness can be perforated quickly and reliably without applying force. The integrated centre register ensures that the paper is always positioned correctly and makes tiresome manual adjustments unnecessary. The punch is equipped with default settings for the hole patterns of all common filing systems, e.g. patterns with 2, 3, and 4 holes, patterns for labels and filofax organisers. Alternate hole patterns can be set at will and are also available as an optional program bar. Versatility, time saving operation and convenient handling are convincing arguments in favour of the Citoborma 111. Infinitely variable, self-centering stops. Additional stops for processing A 3 sheets. Convenient solution for waste (drawer). Weight (kg): 26 H x W x D (cm): 48 x 47 x 47


Pre-set filing systemsA 4 and A5 perforations (2 holes each, 80 mm apart) A 4 ring binder (4 holes, 80 / 80 / 80 mm apart) A 5 ring binder (4 holes, 45 / 65 / 45 mm apart) Filofax time planner (6 holes, 19 /19 / 50 /19 /19 mm apart) US perforation (3 holes, 108 /108 mm apart)
Special hole patternsany (optional)
Max. stack thickness (cm)5
Paper formats max. (mm)250 x 420
Stopsinfinitely adjustable and self-centering
Distance from edge max. (mm)28
Paper drill (mm ø)2 – 9
Power supply230 V / 50 Hz / 250 W 115 V / 60 Hz / 180 W