Exact-Plus Paper Stitching Machine

Exact-Plus Paper Stitching Machine

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A semiautomated brochure wire stitching machine with handfeeding stations The EXACT-PLUS model allows gathering and stitching of unusual formats or stocks which present problems on ordinary gang stitchers. If required the machine can be extended by adding further double stations, up to a maximum of six stations. High efficiency with speeds up to 4.000 products per hour. Transport of signatures is handled by two carriers to prevent damage to the product. One to four Universal 52/8 stitching heads can be easily mounted, dependent upon requirements. One central adjustment for stitching thickness can be altered in seconds. Conversion from normal to staggered stitch position and back again within seconds. For standard stitching, for loop stitching, or mixed application. Brochure size (book spine x head/bottom): Minimum 100 x 80 mm (3.94 x 3.15 in.) Maximum 420 x 360 mm (16.54 x 14.17 in.)


ModelExact Plus