Orion 4 Paper Stitching Machine

Orion 4 Paper Stitching Machine

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The flexible big one This all-rounder wire stitching machine demonstrates its strengths with: A solid construction – specially designed multiple head stitching machine for handling thick pads. The flexibility to install up to four HOHNER UNIVERSAL 70/20 stitching heads for stitching thicknesses of 0-20 mm with our patented Cutting System? Equally suitable as a stand-alone machine or for completion of a whole system, as well as for special constructions Fast and easy table adjustment from pad stitching (flat) to brochures (saddle) The possibility of unusual staple positioning due to the throat depth of approx. 230 mm from clincher box (e.g. calendar production) Subsequent purchase of stitching heads at any time Simultaneous central adjustment of stitching thickness and wire length of all heads with only one lever A backstop and two side lays are fully adjustable for accurate and easy positioning of the staples. Extremely easy for the operator to change from one format to another. Conversion option to loop stitching Maximum stitching per head: 192 staples per minute Table size from 1000 x 330 mm


Table size1000 x 330 mm (39.37 x 12.99 in.).