Onglematic 7 Electric Tab Cutter

Onglematic 7 Electric Tab Cutter

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The Onglematic 7 model is an electrical index and tab cutting machine, making it possible to easily and quickly cut tabs index and dividers. This model allows you to bring production of tabs in-house, cutting productions times and expense. This index cutting machine allows you to create your indexes or tab dividers on books, booklets and loose sheets. It actually allows you to cut bound documents and unbound sheets. You can choose which type of tab cut you wish from several different styles. Digital adjustment Storage of up to 64 programs Automatic cutting by foot switch activation Automatic advance or manual advance after each cut Can cut 70 g, 180 g, 250 g, 500 g sheets, cardboard and polypropylene Security : everybody works safely, as there is no access to the blades Productivity : It is able to produce 60 bound documents of 10 chapters with about 150 sheets (80gsm) or 550 sets of 9 dividers (220gsm sheets) per hour.