CH3000 Channel Binding Machine

CH3000 Channel Binding Machine

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The CH3000 Channel Binding Machine is simple to use. It is a non-electrical unit, smaller than the CH6000, fitting conveniently on any desktop. This unit is ideal for small offices or departmental uses of desktop binding and weighs approximately 4.5kg. It is designed to bind documents up to 150 sheets in thickness of standard 80gsm paper, versus the 300 sheet capacity with of the CH3000 Channel Binding Machine. Both systems bind without glue, heat or the necessity of hole punching. With the CH3000 it is not necessary to make any cover size binding adjustments and the system automatically calibrates the correct thickness through a cam-activated type motion. Using the same cover technology as the CH6000, the CH3000 Channel Binding Machine is also very easy to use; simply align your document into the cover, place into the binding bed, and push down the binding handle four times (activating the cam), and that\’s it! The CH3000 also comes with a built-in DeBinder for easy alterations and amendments.


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