GBC TL2600 Wire Closer (Automatic)

GBC TL2600 Wire Closer (Automatic)

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The GBC TL2600 wire closer – Auto Wire is the first Wire Binder that uses an auto size detector to automatically detect the wire size being used and then automatically sets itself to close, negating time consuming setup and adjustment. Wires are held in position by a strong back magnet and textured jaws. Closing the jaws is triggered by a foot pedal or a touch button. An ideal and essential Wire Closer for all environments. Features of the GBC TL2600 Closes all wire sizes from 6mm 38mm Foot pedal and touch screen operated. Touch screen micro adjustment should you need to close your chosen wire, more or less. Magnetic back wall and textured closing jaws ensure accurate placement and holding, during the closing process. Additionally, the GBC TL2600 wire Closer has a built-in safety sensor to prevent injury as well as an LCD screen that allows for micro-adjustments in wire closing width. The built-in wire holder allows for quick document assembly, while the memory saves all micro-adjustments for future jobs, meaning once you set the correct wire closing width you never have to worry about it again. Pitch: 3:1 & 2:1


ModelTL2600 Wire
Wire size adjustmentAutomatic
Binding width (mm)320mm
Wire sizes4.7mm>38mm (3/16″>11/2″)
Binding operationElectric
Time required for diameter change0 sec
Auto wire size detectionYes
Foot pedalYes
Efficency settingYes
Warranty length1 Year