Renz Eco E Electronic Wire Binder

Renz Eco E Electronic Wire Binder

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Self-contained Renz Eco E Electronic Wire Binder [2:1 pitch] with professional punching process. The powerful motor is fan-cooled and is the professional solution for larger quantities. Fast punching cycle takes only approx. 1 second. *Click On The PDF Image At The Bottom Of The Page For Full Information Sheet* selectable punch pins adjustable margin Pitch: 2:1


ModelEco E E
Length, width, height51, 55, 25 cm [20\\\”, 22\\\”, 10\\\”]
Weight39 kg [85.8 lb.]
Punching thickness3 mm [0.12\\\”] / 30 sheets (20# paper)
Binding thicknessup to in 28mm [1 1/8\\\”] / 280 sheets (20# paper)
Binding capacityup to 300 books per hour
Number of punching pins26
Loops on a 4 [12\\\”]23
Loops on us format [11\\\”]21
Punching capacityup to 20.000 sheets per hour
Motor230 V, 50 Hz / 250 W; on request. 110 V, 60 Hz / 250 W
Package types of the elementsWire pack, trays