Mini Kote Roll Encapsulator

Mini Kote Roll Encapsulator

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The Mini Kote Roll Encapsulator has been designed to meet the increasing requirements from offices, educational establishments and small printshops for high quality, problem-free desktop encapsulation. The Mini Kote Roll Encapsulator is of robust hot shoe construction, reliable and simple to use. It offers a consistent, high-quality level of encapsulation that is well proven and ideal for most short run applications. Main features of the Mini Kote Roll Encapsulator: Variable speed and temperature Will process all standard thickness of film up to 685mm wide Suitable for use with low and high melt film Rapid warm up – ready to use in just a few minutes Cooling fans ensure encapsulated items are processed with maximum clarity Adjustable feed tray for accurate feeding of variable paper sizes Reverse speed control for clearing misfed webs