The Fujipla Pluster PLS3311

The Fujipla Pluster PLS3311

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The New Fujipla Pluster PLS3311 is a fully automatic single-sided laminator that can also burst the sheets with a flying knife without any operator intervention. The maximum operating speed of 360 sheets per hour is more than adequate for short-to-medium length digital print jobs. Operation is a push button, copier style and set up is quick and simple for the operator. Fujipla films are all Super Adhesive ideal for digitally produced print. The Fujipla Pluster PLS3311 is the ideal machine for the digital printer; simple to set up and to operate. The Pluster PLS3311 allows the printer to produce in-house digital print with a laminated finish in quantities from just a handful to several thousand with very little need for operator attention. This machine is a push button, copier style, operation allowing the operator to carry on with other tasks whilst this machine completes its operation. Print is fed at one end automatically and the laminated sheets are presented at the delivery end.


ModelPluster PLS3311
Performance specificationsAutomatic feeding from the top of the stack, Automatic bursting, Simple film loading and operation
Technical specificationsSmall footprint
Maximum sizeB3
Processing speed1.0 – 3.0 m/min
Warm-up time15-30 minutes
Laminating filmPluster film
Minimum sheet size272 x 300mm
Maximum sheet size356 x 500mm
Feed tray capacity40mm
Paper weights105 – 315gsm
Power230V AC