Intimus 16.86 SmartShred

Intimus 16.86 SmartShred

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For decades, the intimus 16 Series heavy duty shredders have proven to be the cornerstone for the privacy-friendly disposal of disused media. The line now comes standard with SmartShred Touchscreen Controls, with session logging, maintenance reminders, and increased cutting efficiency. With SmartShred electronic automation, the 16.86 will perform longer and have far fewer service calls than competitive products. The model range offers variations that can handle up to 550 sheets at a time or up to 1,500 lbs per hour. On the larger cut sizes metal ringed binders can be destroyed complete without removing pages or dividers. The spacious feed table with integrated infeed conveyor belt provides controlled, effortless, safe and fast loading. A standard safety feature to intimus but uncommon in competitive units, is the chest bar that shuts down the conveyor and cutting head when the chest of the user leans too close the cutting head. This is a great safety feature for users not accustomed to the power of an industrial shredder. In the 16.50 series, the shredded material is collected in large-scale, mobile containers under the cutting mechanism. The 16.86 combines the shredder with a press baler for immediate fully automatic compaction of the cut material into compact bales. Reduction effect compared to the loose collection of the cuttings is about 70%. Cut sizes: 11mm (0.43”) x 55mm (2.17”) 6mm (0.24”) x 50mm (1.97”) 16.86 Characteristics Same as 16.50 series for Shredder component The useful supplement to the large document shredder: shredded material is automatically compressed into compact bales Electronic compacting chamber level monitoring Shredder loading can be continued while baler is compressing the material Pushbutton control for bale ejection Alternative of bale ejection into plastic sack for clean, dust-free transport and weatherproof packaging Shredder and baler operate in tandem Compressing stroke is triggered automatically Audible “bale completed” signal and accompanying the cutting process is halted


Shred size (mm)11.8 x 55
Number of users50+
Security levelDIN 66 399 P-2 / O-2 / T-2+ / E-2
Shredding capacity sheets 70 g/m2400-550
Shredding capacity sheets 80 g/m2350-480
Cutting speed m/s0.24
Throughput kg/h500