Surebind Binding Strips

Surebind Binding Strips

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Designed for use with the DeskTop SureBind, SureBind Binding Strips feature 10 pins that form a durable binding for up to 200 A4 sheets. Available in many colours, the strips are ideal for documents that need to be edited or updated as the pins simply unlock to add or remove pages and then re-close. SUREBIND 10 PRONG BINDING STRIPS No. S2. Avilable in: – Black, White, Red, Blue, Green, Grey & Burgundy


ModelBinding Strips
Capacity sheet capacity approx box quantityA4 (10 Prong), 1\’\’ – 25mm, 250 Sheet, 100, A4 (10 Prong) 2\’\’ – 50mm 500 Sheets 100, A4 (10 Prong) 3\” – 75mm 750 Sheets 100 (Sheet capacity based on 80gsm paper.)