Duplo DPB-500 DuBinder Perfect Binder


Duplo DPB-500 DuBinder Perfect Binder


Now in stock at Gendale we have this Duplo DPB500 Perfect Binder.This model is in excellent condition, it has bound less than 36,000 books since new. It has been serviced and includes the paper dust extractor. Automatic feeding of covers, with spine and hinge creasing, is standard on this model. 2011 manufactured date but first installed in 2013. One of the DPB-500’s key benefits is its easy-to-use touch screen control. An unskilled operator can select from one of the 20 memory settings and the binder is ready to go. Make ready times can be achieved within 30 seconds. The binder includes sensors within the book clamp that measure each book thickness to make sure the same size is used each time. This feature provides large savings on labour and re-print costs. Cycle speeds of 525 per hour and finished books up to A4 Landscape in size make this binder a class leader. The DPB-500’s suction belt cover feeder provides smooth and accurate delivery of the cover every time. Four scoring wheels, which move in pairs according to the spine width, provide a crisp crease to the book block and a hinge crease to front and back covers. The heavy duty motor and high speed steel milling and noting tool ensure the spine is prepared prior to the glue application. Between 0.5mm to 4.0mm can be removed from the spine depending on requirement. 3 glue cylinders offer pre-gluing, coating, and then excess glue removal. The 2 side glue discs automatically adjust to the books thickness. When the DPB-500 is used with Planmelt R Digital Glue – the results of the bind quality on a digitally printed book are fantastic. Full specification of this glue is available on request.


Book thickness1-51mm
Min book size120mm x 120mm
Max Book size360mm x 320mm
Min cover sizes120mm x 250mm
Max cover size360mm x 696mm
Cover weight80-300+ gsm
Cycle speed525 Per Hour
Score tools4. 2 spine and 2 hinge.
Ajustable milling and notchingYes, from 0-4mm
Memory Programmes20
Warm up time30-40 minutes
Glue operating temp120-200° C
Paper dust extractorIncluded
Power3 Phase 415v
Dimensions(H) 1343 (W) 2790 (D) 928mm