Linea DH-1100 (Sold)


Linea DH-1100 (Sold)


Linea DH-1100 Roll Encapsulator with stand This model is in excellent condition– available from Glendale at £1295.00 ex vat. A new addition to the ever-popular Vivid Linea range, the DH-1100 model enables you to laminate up to A0 in size. It also features a take-up mechanism for cold lamination and encapsulation. Simple to use the DH-1100 is a great system for reprographics departments and smaller copy shops and will produce outstanding results for very little effort. The Linea DH-1100 is mounted on to a stand as standard. The DH-1100 laminates all sizes and shapes of media up to A0 in size and is suitable for long, continuous runs. The Linea DH-1100 has an all metal construction and heavy duty motors ensure that this machine is built to last. Smart features: All Linea Systems can be used as desktop or free standing systems, ideal for busy office environments such as schools, councils, copy shops or any general business. The Linea™ is solidly built from all-metal components with heavy duty motors and large diameter rollers to withstand the rigours of continuous operation and a tough working schedule. Cost-effective quality: The Linea™ comes in four sizes from A3 to A0, so there’s a system to make sure you can keep your finishing costs in-house, saving time and costly outsourcing. The finish quality is superb, you can always rely on the Linea™ to enhance and protect. Gloss over quickly, matt in minutes Choosing a finish is simplicity itself – face up for matt, face down for gloss, all with a single pass. You can encapsulate with all thicknesses – including 35, 75, 125 and 250 microns roll of film, giving you a finish of up to 500 micron Simple but complete control: The easy to use control panel takes virtually no training, yet it offers you complete control over every job. Perfect pressure: The rollers apply even pressure to your prints, giving you a perfect, permanent encapsulation every time. Lifting up the spring loaded rollers allows you to mount board up to 5mm thick. Safety as standard: Every system comes with a safety guard and a separate hand safety trimmer to ensure a safe working environment