Ideal 4850-95EP Electric Guillotine (Sold)


Ideal 4850-95EP Electric Guillotine (Sold)


Glendale Refurbished Model – Only £POA. Please email us for a price The Ideal 4850-95EP Guillotine is a highly productive, programmable cutting solution designed for the busy print market. This guillotine is in good condition. It has been refurbished and includes several new replacement parts and the blade has been sharpened. The Ideal 4850-95EP has the ‘SCS’ safety package which guarantees safe, efficient and convenient cutting. This machine has the EP Backgauge Control which is a fully programmable control module with digital measurement readout. Up to 99 programs with 99 steps in each program can be stored in the memory quick call up of repeat cuts. The 4850-95EP has an Electronic Hand Wheel for fine adjustment of cut positions. The Ideal 4850-95EP has an Electro-mechanical blade and clamp. The guillotine can use pre-clamping, and has an optical cutting line which shows where the cut will be performed and helps to align cutting marks precisely for accuracy.


Cutting length475 mm
Cutting height80 mm
Narrow cut35 mm
Table depth450 mm