GBC Catena 105 Roll Encapsulator (Sold)


GBC Catena 105 Roll Encapsulator (Sold)


New Catena 105 with Stand £6300.00 Glendale 2016 Model with Stand £1995.00 The Catena Series of 35, 65 and 105cm widths all incorporate features that enable users to perform an even broader range of applications than is possible with either pouch laminators or even the Ultima 65. From ID cards through to the production of ‘one-off’ Pop-Up displays, the Catena Series can do it all. Operational width of 1040mm, ideal companion to a standard 914mm digital plotter / printer, to process mounts and posters up to a full AO width Complete with mobile stand Uses all popular film gauges, from 32 – 250 micron Versatile A0 freestanding lamination, encaptsulating and mounting of digital inkjet output using thermal films or pressure sensitive films. Excellent mid level production unit to compliment wide- format injet printers. Digital Display / Control Panel:Easy to use LCD display indicates temperature, speed and ready/wait condition. The newly designed control panel allows the operator to easily make adjustments as needed to produce a quality product. An IR heat sensing system instantaneously detects heat variations on the roller surface, providing immediate feedback to the heating system. A0 Freestanding Interlocking feed tray / Magnetic safety shield: Ensures safe operation Designed for thermal or pressure sensitive film:NAP II, GBC Soft Touch, Self adhesive Cold Films Roller gap adjustment handles:mount boards up to 5 mm / 3/16” thick


Maximum film width41″
Film gauge1.5 to 10 mil
Core diameter2.25″ (1″ core adaptor also available)
Maximum roll od5″ outside diameter
Speed1.5 fpm – 5 fpm
Dimensions51″ W x 48″ H x 21″ D
Weight154 lbs.
Power220V, 50-60Hz, 15 amp
SafetyCE, C/UL