KB4000 PUR Perfect Binder

KB4000 PUR Perfect Binder

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Now in stock at Glendale we have this KB4000 PUR Perfect Binder. This PUR binder is capable of binding up to A3 size books with stock up to 400gsm. Also included with the KB4000 PUR are the air compressor and dust extractor. Fitted with a new milling disc and notching knifes, this binder is in excellent condition and working perfectly.

The FKS PrintBind KB-4000 is a single clamp binder offering high quality, on-demand perfect binding. The KB-4000 utilises the benefits of both PUR and EVA Hotmelt glues, PUR is applied down the spine of the book, providing a strong and durable finish. The book block is then side glued using the quick drying Hotmelt glue, allowing the operator to handle the book soon after being produced. 

The KB4000 PUR binder features a closed tank system, as a result, no fumes are emitted and the PUR glue inside the system is preserved for longer. The KB4000 PUR also works with a unique closed PUR application system. The volumetric slot nozzle ensures that PUR glue is accurately applied on the spine at any time. Easy and safe replenishment of PUR glue is done in pellet form. For even better adhesion and faster processing of books, the KB4000 PUR provides active EVA hotmelt side gluing. 

One of the benefits of the KB4000 PUR is it’s easy to use touch screen control. This includes the complete set-up of the binder, including all functional parameters. Even nipping pressure can be adjusted. The KB4000 incorporates a heavy-duty milling and notching tool which ensures that an accurate and flat spine preparation is provided prior to gluing. 

This PUR binder offers secure binding of stock up to 400gsm. Paper stocks and products including coated, uncoated, laminated, recycled, folex, and even clear polyester can be bound on this model. The KB4000 includes a 60 job memory which can be stored and recalled for future use via the touchscreen panel.


Max book length420mm
Max book height360mm
Min book length120mm
Min book height120mm
Max paper weight400gsm
Spine thickness2-50mm
Memory60 jobs
Dust ExtractorIncluded
Speed range200 Cycles per hour
Dimensions(L)2010 (W)975 (H)1300mm
Power supply400v 3Phase