Eurofold 235 SM with Batch Counter (Sold)


Eurofold 235 SM with Batch Counter (Sold)


Eurofold 235SM Suction Feed Folder with Batch Counter RRP £14770.00 PRICE £SOLD A3 two plate folding machine with suction feed from the bottom of the pile. Continuous load-on-the-run up to 30,000 sheets per hour. Mechanical delivery and mobile stand. Suction-feed increases versatility in the paper range, handling glossy paper, ideal for commercial printers.


Number of folding plates2 or 4, A3 and A2
Minimum folding length20 mm with standard folding plate
Maximum folding length up to423 mm, depending on model
Deflector barsaccessory
Feeding systemssuction feeder
Delivery possibilitiesstream delivery or standing delivery
Roller adjustmentyes, manually from outside
Cross foldoption, plate and knife fold device
Perforation shaftsyes, standard
Paper size minimum90 x 120 mm, standard*
Paper size maximum350 x 650 mm (A3), 450 x 650 mm (A2)
Paper stocks40 -240 g/m2, depending on paper quality
Folding performanceup to 30’000 sheets A4/h
Electrical connection230 V / 50 – 60 Hz, 115 V / 60 Hz
Electrical consumption250 W, without compressor