WireBind Karo 40Pro Wire Binder (Sold)


WireBind Karo 40Pro Wire Binder (Sold)


Ex-Showrrom Karo 40 Pro Wire Binding Machine RRP £1386.61 Glendale Price @ £425.00 Saving over 69% Binding doesn’t get any simpler with out print finishing equipment! Produce stylish documents that can lie flat or even be turned 360º with this robust yet easy to use, aluminium Karo 40PRO wire binding machine. Documents are permanently bound with metal wires for additional security that create a neat and professional appearance for long lasting documents. The GBC Karo 40PRO is a manual wire binding machine that is ideal for everyday general usage with a punch capacity of 20 sheets of 80gsm paper and binding capacity of up to 125 sheets of 80gsm paper using 14mm wires. Using the machine couldn’t be easier with a handy document size guide that assists you in choosing the correct wire size and a paper edge guide to ensure accurate alignment along the paper length. There are 40 de-selector pins that allow you to select your choice of paper sizes including A4, A5, US Letter and Quarto. Featuring an adjustable margin depth to suit your binding requirements and an easy access, high volume clippings tray to ensure a no mess binding solution. De-selector pins allow you to select your choice of paper sizes including A4, A5 and US Letter


Technical specificationsSolid aluminium construction makes this binder both sturdy and durable; 40 selector pins to accommodate any size paper; Wire holder included
Performance specificationsAdjustable margin depth; Easy to access high volume clippings tray; Ideal for high volume office use
Punch capacity20 Sheets
Binds up to125 sheets (80 gsm) – Using 14mm wires
Margin depthAdjustable