IDEAL 4300 Guillotine

IDEAL 4300 Guillotine

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Attractively priced entry model in brand name quality Made in Germany.SCS – the IDEAL 4300 Guillotine Safety Cutting System provides numerous safety features: Hinged, transparent safety guard on the front table with locking device for the blade lever (a cut can only be executed if the safety guard is completely closed); Transparent safety cover on the rear table; Safe and convenient blade change from the front without removing machine covers; Blade changing device with covered cutting edge; Blade depth adjustment from the outside of the machine; Cutting stick can be turned or replaced easily from the outside of the machine; Safety blade lever with patented overload protection while cutting; Fast flick action clamp provides optimal clamp pressure; Side lay, lockable back gauge and measuring scale (mm/inches); Solid all-metal construction; Resharpenable blade made of German high-quality steel. The IDEAL 4300 Guillotine is an impressive safety cutting system which will provide you with all of the elements you require to further streamline your working processes. Find out more about the IDEAL 4300 Guillotine by getting in touch with our expert team, today. Weight: 30.5 kg. Colour: pearl grey.


Dimensions (h x w x d)470 x 720 x 575 mm.