Ideal 5260 Guillotine

Ideal 5260 Guillotine

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Our print finishing supplies range offers the Ideal 5260 guillotine which is a fully featured programmable guillotine capable of cutting the full range of B3 materials. Back gauge position is fully programmable, optical cutting guide, paper push function and manual control for precise positioning of the back gauge add up to a highly productive package. Safety is assured thanks to an IR Safety Curtain and 2 handed operation. Error messaging, side lay guides and full safety features further enhance the guillotine’s appeal as a production machine. Features of the Ideal 5260 Guillotine Improved and simple to use touch-screen keypad with up to 9 programs including 9 steps in each program and a memory key. Pre-programmed measurements for A3 to A6 standard paper sizes. Programmable EJECT function – for pushing out the paper. Electronic hand wheel for manual backgauge positioning with infinitely variable speed control (from very slow to very fast) The new program keypad also has a multilingual operator guidance and clear digital display. Convenient two-hand operation via patented two-step blade activating bars with separate trigger points for blade and clamp. Safety is assured thanks to the two handed paddle-bar operation and IR Light Beam safety-curtain. Time-saving with ‘IR safety-curtain’. Requires no opening and closing of front guard (as with lower level models), after each cut. Clamp guided on both sides for evenly distributed clamping pressure. Optical cutting line guide with bright and durable LEDs. Two side lays each on front and rear tables. Additional safety is provided by the transparent safety cover on the rear table. The ideal 5260 guillotine includes a new practical ‘hook-in tool holder’ at the back of the machine, for storing necessary tools for blade-change and service jobs. Optional side-tables are available at an extra cost for the Ideal 5260 guillotine, if required. Full Touch Screen Program Controls 99 Program memory with repeat function Accurate to within 1/10 mm or 1/100 inch Solid metal construction Automatic Clamping system Backgauge and side lay on both sides Fully HSE compliant


Cutting length520mm
Cutting height80mm
Narrow cut35mm
Table depth520mm
Power suppy230v 50Hz
Dimensions(H x W x D) 1260 x 1560 x 1067mm