GBC TL2900

GBC TL2900

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The GBC Modular WireBind TL2900 is wire binding machine, with a single-position load and crimp station. There is no need to manually load the wire into the document and its modular design allows you to customise your workstation to fit the needs of your job. The TL2900 quickly and safely crimps the wire document with the push and hold motion, making it so easy and simple for any user to operate. Its wire loading hooks are able to hold both 3:1 and 2:1 wires securely in place while pages are reloaded and documents are being crimped. Adjusting the wire closure is easy to do with the adjustment knob which moves the closing lid quickly and evenly, accommodating to your exact wire closing requirements. To make it even simpler to use, there are four LEDs guide the user throughout the binding process to make it quick and easy. The TL2900 is made from an all metal construction which ensures greater durability and perfect for all office requirements. Features of the GBC Modular WireBind TL2900 Four LED lights that guide the user through the binding process Spine size closure settings for a faster operation Automated wire closing for a faster binding experince An adjustable knob for perfect fine tuning spine closure A wire holder to easily load spines Angled surface for simple loading and paper alignment