DUPLO Ultra Cut 130

DUPLO Ultra Cut 130

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The Ultra Cut 130 produces professionally cut business cards and postcards from your desktop. Save time and money by eliminating the need for a guillotine. Despite its small size the Ultra Cut 130 boasts one of the highest productivity levels in its class! At speeds of 130 business cards per minute (A4 short edge feed) the Ultra Cut 130 offers a very competitive and productive solution. The 100 sheet (25mm) capacity allows the operator to produce 1,000 business cards in less than 8 minutes. Automatic Set-Up The Ultra Cut 130 requires no manual adjustments, simply select a job and press the start button. All of the adjustments are done automatically meaning jobs can be started easily and efficiently. Cut Mark Detection Cut mark detection is also featured on the Ultra Cut 130. This is a great feature, which saves a great deal of time during set-up. A 2mm cut mark can be detected allowing the machine to identify the top margin, an ideal feature for on-demand business card making. User Defined Programs User defined jobs can also be created. The buttons on the control panel allow the user to adjust the card length, top margin and width of the gutter cut. Optional scoring and perforating modules are also available should the user wish to customise their jobs. 12 Job Memories The Ultra Cut 130 features 12 job memories consisting of six user-defined and six pre-programmed jobs. This provides real peace of mind for users with no experience of producing business cards. User Friendly The control panel is extremely user-friendly, there is no need to scroll through long menus, simply select the job memory or enter the parameters. Multiple Applications Dont be restricted to one job, the Ultra Cut 130 can produce an array of applications including A6 postcards, greeting cards or even perforated tickets. Versatile Stacking There is no need to insert a second stacker, its unique 80mm stacker tray can be used to accept a range of different sized cards. Reduced Costs Outsourcing guillotining can incur high running costs with set-up and also charges per cut. The Ultra Cut 130 eliminates the need to outsource, saving a great deal of time and money.The Ultra Cut 130 can even feed SRA4, an excellent cost saving solution should the user wish to reduce their click charge. Simply print on SRA3, cut into two and place in the Ultra Cut 130. Easy module replacement Switching modules is a tool-less operation and takes a matter of seconds. Simply unscrew the knob and insert the module into the machine. Options: Scoring Module – The scoring module is perfect for producing greetings card jobs. Perforating Module – Insert the perforating module and create tear off tickets. Photo Card Module – The photo card module allows the user to produce 2 up A5 from SRA4 card. Postcard Module – Produce 4 up, A6 Postcards on SRA4. Eight postcards can be printed on SRA3 before being guillotined.


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