Uchida Kitco BC-10 A4 Size Business Card Cutter

Uchida Kitco BC-10 A4 Size Business Card Cutter

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Now you can make your own business cards in your office – so easily, quickly and accurately! Starting with A4 size or letter-size pages that have been printed with 10 cards on a page, the BC-10 can cut the pages into business cards, with unbelievable ease, speed, and accuracy. If your business needs to turn round business card jobs fast for your customers using your commercial digital equipment then there can be no better machine. No time wasting using a guillotine that cannot allow for image drift. Just pop the printed sheets into the automatic feeder and take the business cards from the exit tray. Better, much faster service for your customers and more profit for you! 5. Accuracy: The position of initial cutting edge in paper feed direction is so accurate that the cut line does not deviate from the correct line throughout the cutting operation (Tolerance of cut size: ±0.05mm). Correction of any potential cutting line deviation is enabled by the detection and alignment of the register line mark printed at the top of each sheet.


1. easy to operateBC-10 is designed to operate simply at the touch of a button for selecting the cutting modes, such as paper size and trimming margin.
2. unique sharpening systemUnique automatic self-sharpening system
3. ultra long lifeEnables you to cut approx. 1.7 million A4 size or letter size sheets (in single cutting mode), so that you can make approx. 17 million business cards.
4. easy set-up for different sizes of business cardMechanical settings for the major card sizes and trimming margins are automatically adjusted at the touch of a button (cutting mode button).
6. easy maintenanceIn case of a specific error, a code number is displayed on the display panel to facilitate identification of the source and help to eliminate it.
7. economyThe cutter is 20 times more durable than that of some other cutters in this range. It can also make 10 business cards on A4 size or letter size sheet, in contrast to some other cutters that can make only 8 business cards on one sheet. (ln double cut mode).
8. safetyFor the safety of any and all personnel who will operate the BC-10 a reliable, safety Interlock system automatically stops operation while the top cover is open or if the paper waste disposal box is not set in its proper position.
9. optional perforation and scoring deviceOptional perforation device or scoring device can be easily installed in place of the cutter device for business card. The perforator enables raffle/draw tickets, entrance tickets etc. The scoring device Is a help to make greeting cards, half-folded business cards, membership