Multigraf Touchline CP375

Multigraf Touchline CP375

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The Eurofold Touchline CP375 is a creasing, folding and perforating machine that will improve your productivity, your finishing quality and your application capability. Highly efficient and automated, it allows users to perforate, crease and fold all in a single pass, with set up finished in seconds. Vouchers, coupons and tickets are among the many applications it makes possible. Paper Size: Min. Paper Size: 105mm x 148mm . Max. Paper Size: 375mm x 660mm, 375mm x 1050mm (with table extension)


ModelTouchline CP375
Feeder systemSuction feeder
Feeder capacity100mm
Paper stocks – perforating80-300gsm or max. 0.3mm
Paper stocks – creasing80-400gsm or max. 0.4mm
Control panelTouchscreen
Double sheet detection ultrasonicoptional
Working systemMultigraf Quick-Set Interchangeable tools
Reception tray height120mm
Delivery beltOptional, shingling delivery, L=1100mm, P/N 482.112
SpeedDepending on job, up to 5000 A4/h, 6000 A5/h
Dimensions1700mm x 600mm x 1200mm