Duplo DBM150 Bookletmaker & Trimmer

Duplo DBM150 Bookletmaker & Trimmer

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The Duplo DBM150 booklet trimmer is equipped with Duplo’s superior engineering within a compact footprint and is the world’s smallest fully automatic bookletmaker and trimmer yet. It is designed to meet the challenges of today’s offset and digital printing and is bundled with the features of the big bookletmakers into this uniquely compact system. The Duplo DBM150 bookletmaker and trimmer can produce finish documents either sheet by sheet or set by set. Why buy the Duplo DBM150 booklet trimmer? Its compact desgin is ideal for businesses looking at bringing bookletmaking in-house. Its small footprint makes it easy to use in areas with small or limited space. Combine the DBM-150 and DBM-150T for a low to mid volume users such as Quick printers, Copy shops, In-plants and Digital printers. The duplo DBM-150 bookletmaker trimmer is very easy to upgrade, so if the requirements of the businesses change, the modularity of the system can adjust for your needs The Duplo DBM-150 bookletmaker trimmer features a state of the art control panel which is very simple and easy to use. The operator can set up a job in four simple steps. Everyone can operate the DBM-150 as it requires little training. It is the most user-friendly bookletmaker in its class!


ModelDBM150 Bookletmaker