GBC CombBind C250Pro Manual Comb Binder

GBC CombBind C250Pro Manual Comb Binder

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The GBC CombBind C250Pro (Ibico Kombo Binder) is an ideal manual punch and bind system for medium to high-volume comb binding projects. This GBC binding machine is a durable, all-metal system that\\\’s perfect for small and oversized items. Thanks to the disengagable punch pins and a convenient open throat design, the GBC CombBind C250Pro is a versatile binding system that will meet the needs of your comb binding project.

Features of the GBC CombBind C250Pro

  • Adjustable punch depth
  • Extra-large drawer for paper chads
  • Punch capacity up to 20 pages at a time
  • Bind documents up to 425 (2\\\”) sheets thick*
  • Adjustable for standard and oversized covers
  • Adjustable pins punch up to 12\\\” wide, or 21 holes for odd-sized documents


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