Ideal 5560 LT Guillotine
Ideal 5560 LT Guillotine
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IDEAL 5560lt Guillotine

The Ideal 5560lt is a highly professional guillotine with a hydraulic blade & clamp drive, with touch pad and infra red light beam for safety.

Taking command of some of the latest technological developments in the guillotine industry, the 5560lt guillotine is far superior to many of its similar commercial models. What sets the 5560lt apart is the hydraulic operation of the knife and clamp system, enabling precise cuts and adjustments while maintining the finish of the print and reducing the chance of damage. It is ideal for digital paper stocks, with similar models struggling in this area.

Features of the 5560 LT Guillotine:

  • Cutting length – 550mm
  • Cutting height – 95mm – 92mm with false clamp
  • Narrow cut – 32mm – 60mm with false clamp
  • Table depth – 570mm
  • Power back gauge
  • IR safety curtain
  • Hydraulic cut
  • Hydraulic clamp
  • Touch pad programming
  • Optional side tables

Cutting length: 550 mm

Cutting height: 95 mm

Narrow cut: 32 mm

Table depth: 570 mm

Narrow cut with false clamp installed: 60 mm

Power supply (other voltages available): 230 Volt / 50 Hz / 1~ (other voltages available)

Motor performance (input capacity): 1,5 kW

Dimensions: H 1260 x W 1560 x D 1067 mm

Dimensions with side tables: H 1260 x W 1630 x D 1067 mm

Weight: 369 kg

Weight with side tables: 386 kg