IDEAL 7228-06LT

The IDEAL 7228-06LT is the flagship of the IDEAL range and is a fully configured professional guillotine able to handle all types of work up to B2 in format. The IDEAL 7228-06LT’s hydraulic clamp drive offers infinite control over the stack while HSS Soligen Steel blade offers long life with a swinging cutting action. Air tables ease the movement of the stack into position by blowing air up through the stainless steel bed, while optional side tables allow stacks to be positioned to increase throughput. It adds up to a versatile guillotine to meet all cutting needs.

Key features of theĀ IDEAL 7228-06LT:

  • Hydraulic clamp for controlled holding of the stack
  • Cut indicator light
  • 99 programmable back gauge settings
  • Fast back gauge movement
  • Digital display accuracy to 0.1mm
  • Air table surface
  • 720mm maximum cutting length, 20mm minimum
  • 80 cutting height
  • Infra red beam safety curtain
  • Optional side tables for ease of loading/unloading