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Ideal 7228 Guillotine
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Ideal 7228-95 EC3 Guillotine (Sold)

Refurbished Ideal 7228-95 EC3 Guillotine @ £Sold

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Including Side Tables, 2 Blades and Health & Safety Certificate

TECHNICAL DETAILS AND FEATURES · electro-mechanical drive of blade, clamp, and backgauge · solid steel blade carrier and adjustable blade guides · swing cut for more cutting precision · spindle guided backgauge for precise positioning · adjustable backgauge with narrow separations and plastic gliders · automatic clamping system and adjustable clamp pressure · optical and mechanical cutting indicators · two side lays each on front and rear tables · chromium plated table surfaces · foot pedal for pre-clamping · snap-in false clamp · high quality blade made from “Solingen high speed steel” · model IDEAL 7228-95 LT: with air table front and rear · set of side tables included.

SAFETY FEATURES · light beam safety curtain to secure the working area on the front table · safety guard on the rear table · patented IDEAL safety drive · electronically controlled true two-hand operation · automatic blade and clamp return from every position · disc brake for instant blade stop · main switch, safety lock with key · 24 Volt controls (low voltage) · blade changing device with covered cutting edge · blade depth adjustment from the outside of the machine · cutting aid for aligning the paper · safety tested by major independent safety laboratories and complies with the European “CE” standards.

BACKGAUGE CONTROL MODULE · electronic plug-in backgauge control module (simple to service) · digital measurement readout in cm or inches · display accurate to 1/10 mm or 1/1000 inch · electronic hand wheel for manual backgauge positioning with infinitely variable speed control (from very slow to very fast) · push buttons for fast backgauge movement (forward and reverse) · single function keys · direct presetting of backgauge measurement via 10-button key set · “SET” function key for reference measurement · integrated calculator · memory key for repeat cuts · professional, programmable control module (20 programs with 16 steps in each program) · automatic start of backgauge after every cut in program mode · EJECT function with and without program mode · DELETE and INSERT mode for correcting and modifying program steps · error diagnosis system with indication on display.


IDEAL 7228-95 Specification

Cutting length 720 MM

Cutting height 80 MM

Table depth 720 MM

Narrow cut 20/90** MM

Power supply 400 V/50 HZ/3~*

Motor performance (Input capacity) · Blade drive 1.25 KW · Clamp drive 0.375/0.75 KW ·

Backgauge drive 0.1 KW Clamp pressure MIN. 650 daN MAX. 1500 daN

Dimensions (H x W x D) 1300 X 1300/2095*** X 1450 MM

Weight 589 KG