Dh 460
Dh 460

Linea DH-460 Document Roll Encapsulator

A2 Roll Fed Poster Encapsulator

The Linea DH-460 Document Roll Encapsulator laminates documents up to A2 in size.

Main features:
Adjustable temperature control
Adjustable speed control
Anti-jam reverse switch
Attached safety shield

If you produce a large quantity of posters up to A2 in size that require laminating, then the Linea DH-460 Document Roll Encapsulator is the system for you.

Great for use in schools or colleges and reprographics departments!

The Linea 460 sits on the desktop and the film is supplied on a roll, allowing you to continuously feed through your documents at a much faster rate than with a traditional pouch machine.
The Linea will also give your documents a superior bubble free finish, so all that,s left for you to do is trim your documents to size!